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  The New Law: Nicknames and Education  

During the 2019 legislative session, the REALTORS® were able to carry one piece of legislation. After lengthy discussions with our members at the local and state level, the message from YOU was clear. You wanted two things. To be "better and more professional" and advertise using your nickname. We listened. We created a bill that would require the use of a license number on all advertising and with that, you would be able to advertise using your nickname. 

Next, pre-licensing education went from 90 to 120 hours, with 15 hours of contracts and 15 hours of agency. Continuing education went from 24 hours per renewal period to 36, all geared towards REALTORS® becoming "better and more professional." This bill has a few other provisions touched on in the full article you can read by clicking here.



  Give it a listen, Nevada REALTORS is on your Amazon or Google smart speaker  
  Take advantage of the new Nevada REALTORS® skill for both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Ask Alexa to "Enable Nevada REALTORS®" or for Google Home say: "Google, Talk to Nevada REALTORS®." Within seconds you'll be learning about education opportunities across the state, the latest real estate headlines, the "Legal Minute" and even a message from your 2019 NVR President Keith Lynam. Please check it out and send us your feedback to:

"At Nevada REALTORS® we are here to foster our members' success." NVR members, you can hear that exact introductory message and more. Start talking and start learning about your state association.


  'You Can't Afford to Ignore iBuyers'  

Real estate technology strategist explains how to avoid being blindsided

With the emergence of iBuyers-companies that make quick, all-cash offers to home sellers online-the selling process stands to change dramatically for consumers. The "instant offer" strategy, where sellers can click a button to get an offer within hours, is gaining momentum, and real estate pros are increasingly competing against iBuyers for new business and fielding questions about them from clients.

iBuyers are not home flippers. They're not giving homeowners a lowball offer on a property that is in some degree of disrepair and then banking on selling the home for a lot more at resale. iBuyers are looking for turnkey houses where they can get in and out quickly. They're aiming to give fair offers-maybe 98% to 99% of the open market asking price. It's all about the speed of the sale. Click here to continue reading the REALTOR® Magazine article.


  Consumers continue to overestimate mortgage requirements  
  We've seen consistently in Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey® that the vast majority of Americans prefer homeownership over renting a home; however, many are uncertain or mistaken about the qualifications required to get a mortgage. Despite increased exposure to credit scores and online resources, consumer understanding about what it takes to qualify for a mortgage has not improved since our original study in 2015, potentially discouraging willing and qualified Americans from taking steps toward homeownership.

We see an important opportunity for lenders and other mortgage market participants to work toward narrowing this knowledge gap, utilizing more effective mortgage education that is timely, customized, convenient, and simple. Click here to read more.