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  NVR President Keith Lynam regarding SB151  
 June 13, 2019
Dear REALTOR® Member,
Nevada REALTORS® wants to thank you for taking the time to respond to the Call for Action requesting the Governor to veto SB 151. Unfortunately, Governor Sisolak signed the bill on Wednesday and the bill becomes effective on July 1, 2019.

NV REALTORS® have already pledged to Governor Sisolak that we will sit down and present real solutions to our affordable housing market. Solutions that will actually have a positive impact on our Nevada families who need affordable, safe, and stable housing.

For background, your Lobbying Team was able to gain some significant concessions from the proponents of the bill, highlighted below.  Without your hard work and dedication to Nevada's homeowners, this would have been much worse. This legislation will:
  • Increase the pay or quit timeline from 5 full days to 7 judicial days (was 10 judicial days originally)
  • Require the constable to post a notice for the tenant no earlier than 24 hours after the order is received by the sheriff or constable
  • Increase the period of time in which the constable has to remove a tenant in default of rent from not later than 24 hours to no earlier than 24 hours after the posting of the notice but no later than 36 hours after (originally was changing from within 24 hours to no earlier than 48 hours)
  • Keep the amount of time a person has after receiving a written notice to surrender real property or a mobile home to 3 days (originally was changed to 30 days and did not have provisions about leases)
  • If the property is transferred in a residential sale, new statutory language states that the new owner has the same rights, obligations and liabilities as the previous owner, as does the tenant, finally clarifying that the lease runs with the land
  • Allow the service of the notice by the agent of an attorney if an attorney has been retained by the owner to prosecute an eviction action.
On Monday, June 3 at 1:30 a.m., a conference committee was scheduled for 7:30 a.m. that morning. During the Conference Committee, an amendment was added to SB 151. As you know, SB 256 was a much more egregious landlord tenant bill and the entire bill could have been amended into SB 151, but thankfully only these two provisions made it in. The amendment will:
  • Cap all late fees on rent at 5%.
  • Allow the tenant access to property 5-days after eviction or lockout in order for retrieve essential items.
Nevada REALTORS® wants to thank you for your hard work in attempting to obtain a veto. We will be ready to present real solutions to our affordable housing issues that won't damage Nevada's homeowners and those hard working Nevada families who rent them. 
Finally, as I shared with our NV REALTORS® Board of Directors and the Trustees of the NV REALTOR® PAC and Legislative Committee members just yesterday...
"We will remember. We will remember for our Nevada homeowners, those who forgot about them during this legislative session and under the darkness of night snuck behind the back of the legitimate legislative process and did them harm. We will remember."
Keith Lynam
Nevada REALTORS® 2019 President