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  NVR's 2019 Leadership Academy class completes second program  

Nevada REALTORS┬« recently hosted Program #2 for its annual Leadership Academy in Park City, Utah. The Academy's 2019 class members got together June 18-20 for their second session of professional development, following their initial session in Scottsdale, AZ in January.

Program #2 was focused on its theme - "Speak Up and Lead!" The session had two key components. The 14 members of the 2019 Academy's class engaged in a powerful public speaking segment which centered on personal growth, learning how to better communicate and share stories in a compelling way. 

The second component targeted helping class members find their "true purpose" and remove obstacles in the way of reaching it. Another highlight of the program came from guest trustee Devin Reiss, who served as NVR's state president in 2009. Reiss, who currently serves as a commissioner on the state's real estate commission, shared insights and practical knowledge with class members about seizing opportunities, even when those opportunities may not have been a goal or one they'd envisioned.

"This group may very well be on track to have the largest breakthroughs of any class we've seen in a long time," said Tiffany Banks, NVR General Counsel and Leadership Academy staff liaison. "The members continue to bond and energize each other with each retreat. They are determined to accomplish many things in their communities and for their associations."

Program #3 is scheduled for the Lake Tahoe region in September.



  Inman Connect discount offered to NVR members  
  For the first time ever, Inman Connect is coming to Las Vegas for a week-long exploration of residential real estate, present and future. The event will feature inspiring speakers, engaging conversation and A+ networking. As a valued member of Nevada REALTORS, we want you to join us! Use code NVAR19 at check out to save 10% on ANY Connect Las Vegas ticket. Click here to use the discount code and register.  


  The Income Group You Need to Be in to Buy a Home Across the US  

Zoocasa article lists Las Vegas as one of more affordable metros in West

Looking to buy a home in one of the major housing markets in the US? In the nation's priciest urban centres, you'll need an income among the top 20 - 30% range of household earners in order to afford a median-priced home, according to new numbers compiled by Zoocasa.

The study crunches how much income a household would need to have to qualify for a mortgage on the median-priced home in 35 US cities, assuming they're making a 20% down payment, have a mortgage rate of 4.5%, and are paying their mortgage off over a 30-year timeline. These affordability findings were then cross-referenced with household income data as reported by the United States Census Bureau to determine what income group buyers would need to fall into in order to afford local real estate. Median home prices were sourced from Other expenses, such as taxes, insurance, heating, and debt repayment, were not factored into the calculation. Click here to read more.



  Realtor Magazine: Compelling Blog Content Will Win You Leads  

Small-business owners who blog earn
126% more leads than those who do not

If you don't already have a real estate blog, it's time to consider creating one. Blogs are increasingly being used as a marketing tool, and experts predict the number of bloggers in the U.S. will reach almost 32 million in 2020. Companies incorporating blogging into their marketing strategies are seeing impressive results: One study revealed that small businesses with a blog experience 126% higher lead growth than those without one.

With so many options for blogging platforms these days, the biggest expense you'll encounter when it comes to starting a blog is your time. For many real estate professionals, blogging falls to the bottom of their to-do list as they focus on actively searching for buyer and seller leads. However, creating a blog for your business and regularly posting relevant content will help you reach potential clients in the early stages, especially those who turn to the internet to answer their initial real estate questions. Not only will fresh blog content help you rank higher in search engines online, but it will also give visitors a better first impression of your business. A blog can even affect whether those leads become clients. Click here for the complete article.