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  Nicknames, License Numbers, Continuing Education and the Law  
  Here at NVR, our legal staff is still getting questions from time to time asking for clarification on the use of license numbers when advertising. We published a series of articles and videos this past fall, discussing these issues. At this time -- NOTHING has changed. Please carefully review the FAQ article linked here. We are expecting the workshop to be scheduled for early February. 
What does this mean?  There is a step-by-step process that goes into adopting regulations:
October 10, 2019: The Nevada Real Estate Division solicited comments from the public on the proposed regulation changes to NAC 645.  The public had 30 days to respond with comments. 

November 10, 2019: Nevada REALTORS® submitted comments.  Since then, the Division worked on incorporating those suggestions, and all of the suggestions from the public, into a draft which we are expecting to be posted this week, for a workshop to be scheduled in early February.    At the workshop, the public can submit comments that the Real Estate Commissioners will take into consideration. Nevada REALTORS® will be attending the meeting and giving feedback.  
How do I advertise properly using my license number until then? 
Please read the attached FAQ article. We are suggesting using stickers with your license number on signs and business cards and adding your license number to fliers, emails, online promotions, including websites and social media and mailers. On all advertising you STILL need to have the NAME of your brokerage firm in prominence (NAC 645.610), and you can include YOUR license number in a legible manner on that advertising. 
Call the Legal Information Line at 800-748-6999 with any questions. Additionally, you can view videos on this subject and more in the Nevada REALTORS video library.


  Dibbs-Mangual serving as 2020 Leadership Academy Dean  
  The Nevada REALTORS® annual Leadership Academy is gearing up for another year of programming. Its first of four sessions is set for Feb. 4-6 in Scottsdale, Ariz. The 2020 program will be led by Dean Stephanie Dibbs-Mangual, a Las Vegas-based REALTOR®. Dibbs-Mangual, a 2017 graduate of the program, has been a Leadership Academy Trustee the past two years. REALTORS® from across the Silver State are scheduled to participate in the 2020 program.
"Every year I've been involved, I feel like the program has gotten better," Dibbs-Mangual said. "We're so tight-lipped about the program and nobody knows much about the program until they get there. I'm looking forward to being the first to roll everything out in Program 1. I think the trustees work together so well that the dean position doesn't really feel like the top of a hierarchy. It's just different and so maybe the connection to the class members is too."
Las Vegas REALTOR® Tom Blanchard (2017 graduate) and Reno REALTOR® Jordan Ames (2018) will serve as Trustees for the 2020 program. That duo, along with Elko REALTOR® Marcella Syme, the current Past Dean (2012 graduate), will help Dibbs-Mangual lead the Academy's four sessions. She is looking forward to another outstanding experience for class members in 2020.
"Julie Youngblood was my dean and I definitely would not have applied to be a trustee if not for the connection I made with her," Dibbs said. "If I can influence someone in this class to the point that they want to make a contribution for their next four years, that would be the biggest reward there is."
"I don't have an expectation yet about the upcoming year. Every class is just so different. It's hard to predict what's going to happen. I do think we have some super high-energy people, from all different associations. They're high producing, experienced in the business and bold personalities. I think it will be fun to watch it unfold from the back of the room."
The incoming class will be the 21st to participate in the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy, which began in 2000. More than 200 REALTOR® graduates of the program are now better serving clients and volunteering in leadership positions across Nevada since the program's inception.


  NVR welcomes Amarki as a Member Benefit Partner  
  Nevada REALTORS® is excited to announce a new partnership with Amarki, a marketing platform provider. Amarki will be a new member of NVR's Member Benefits Program in 2020. 

With one platform, Amarki combines all things marketing to help REALTORS® connect with their audience in meaningful, innovative ways across print, social, email, advertising and everything marketing related. Amarki makes prospecting and property marketing easy.  It has everything from single-job processing capability to fully automated, data driven campaigns. The materials one can create for real estate marketing are limitless

NVR's members will receive a 70 percent discount from standard pricing rates. To learn more about Amarki and sign up for a free account, click here


  REALTOR® Magazine: 2019's Big Takeaways for Real Estate  

The most noteworthy industry news stories that are likely to influence how the business unfolds in 2020

Real estate forecaster Stefan Swanepoel captured the essence of the year that was when he called the industry "chaotic" and "changing at what appears to be an unprecedented pace." The biggest industry news of 2019 reflected the disruption that is - and has been - occurring technologically and in other ways in real estate, including:

  • New business models that promise to solve transactional pain points for consumers.
  • Unveiling the secrecy around off-MLS listings.
  • Addressing ongoing inventory shortages.

We compiled a list of some of the biggest real estate topics that made headlines in 2019-and we make predictions for 2020. Click here to read all about it.