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  Guidance on Inspections, Appraisals for Tenant-Occupied Homes in Contract  
By Christal Park Keegan, NVR Legal Information Line Attorney

An overwhelming number of questions from our members to the Legal Information Lines seek guidance on executing due diligence terms on tenant-occupied homes in contract. The Governor has continued to protect tenants from having their doors flung open to the public during the pandemic by prohibiting open houses and in-person showings of tenant-occupied properties. But once an offer has been accepted by a seller of a tenant-occupied home, the home is no longer on the open market but in a private contract operating in a world limited to the buyer and seller. With that said, respect still needs to be given to tenants once a home is in contract. Click here to read the full article.



  Open House and In-Person Showings Guidance - Governor's Directive  

By Tiffany Banks, NVR General Counsel

Open houses and In-person showings of tenant occupied properties are still strictly prohibited. The date on this directive has been extended many times. The current date that this is set to expire is July 31. We wanted you to be aware that this date may very well be extended. We will be sure and update you as new information becomes available so follow our e-news and Facebook updates. Click here to read the most recent guidance.



  FAQs PART II: NVR Eviction Moratorium Webinar  
  Nevada REALTORSⓇ (NVR) hosted a second webinar in its July series on the eviction moratorium to clarify the continued flow of questions from its members on this topic. The total number of attendees at this webinar was over double the amount of members who attended the first webinar, held July 1.

The upward trend of questions into NVR's Legal Information Line, along with the growing number of attendees at these webinars, supports the need for continued education and information on this topic. As such, we provide the following FAQs, which were sent to panelists during the webinar in an effort to provide continued guidance. Please stay tuned for information on NVR's upcoming webinars.


  REALTOR® Magazine: Fostering Equality in the Real Estate Industry  

Six action steps you can take to start practicing inclusion and making positive changes toward eliminating discrimination

The global conversation surrounding race and discrimination has reached a new level, and it's important for industries across the board to take this opportunity to learn and grow. This is not a simple issue. There are many challenges that both individuals and businesses will face as they move forward to eradicate discriminatory systems.

In the real estate industry, there is one historical example of systemic racism that can help put this into perspective: redlining, which involved housing policies that discriminated against Black Americans. Banks and other financial institutions engaged in redlining by limiting mortgages to specific customers in specific neighborhoods. This practice prevented Black Americans from buying homes, resulting in a snowball effect that impacted jobs, education, safety, and access to food, amenities, and services. Click here to read the full article from REALTOR® Magazine.