September 1, 2020
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  Governor reverses course, opts to keep eviction moratorium in place  
Decision comes just hours before moratorium was set to expire, extends status quo for another 45 days

In a disappointing move this evening, Governor Sisolak extended the eviction moratorium. (See the Original Directive #25 here)

This extension would continue the prohibition on evictions based on non-payment of rent. Other types of evictions such as those due to damage, crime or danger to a tenant or other occupant, were lifted August 1, and are not affected by this recent extension. Nevada REALTORS® recognizes the hardship that this places on landlords. 

The extremely short time notice given thrusts landlords planning a valid eviction for non-payment into a skidding halt. Further, while tenants have had access to financial relief from many sources, landlords have gone over 5 months in some cases without seeing rent from the very tenants who are receiving the government relief.

Nevada REALTORS® will be hosting a webinar for Property Managers on September 10 at 1 p.m. to review the rules and practices as we continue to navigate evictions during COVID. This webinar will feature General Counsel Tiffany Banks and Legal Information Line attorney Christal Keegan. NVR has invited Justice Court Judges to participate as well. Nevada REALTORS® is also exploring other courses of action on behalf of its members on this matter.
Open houses and in-person showings of tenant-occupied properties are still prohibited. Follow our e-news in the coming days and weeks for important updates as they come available.