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  LEGAL: Breaking Brokerage Agreements and Firing a Difficult Client  
By Christal Park Keegan, NVR Legal Information Line Attorney

One issue that seems to be popular in recent weeks on NVR's Legal Information Line revolves around breaking a brokerage agreement. Here's a version of the issue: "For one reason or another, can I terminate my brokerage agreement with my client before the contract's end date?  If so, how do I legally do that?"

In an ideal situation, the parties would mutually agree to early termination of the agency relationship.  Some of the local REALTOR® associations provide early termination of brokerage forms to help facilitate that. But we do not live in a perfect world, and the agent who is asking this question is likely dealing with a difficult client and the chance of getting the client to cooperate and mutually terminate an agency relationship that is not working out is next to nil. 

There are all sorts of legitimate reasons to terminate an agent-client relationship such as, a client who is: verbally threatening the agent or their family; exhibiting bad behavior by using profane and/or harassing language; being non-responsive; and/or lying or concealing material facts relating to the property. Click here to view and print this full NVR legal article.


  Member benefit partner Amarki offers marketing platform to all NVR members  
  Nevada REALTORS® is excited to announce the launch of the new Amarki tool. The platform is a sales and multi-channel marketing tool that provides a variety of templates automatically populated with agent and property data - with the goal of increasing activities and sales. Amarki, a new NVR member benefit in 2020, is now available to Nevada REALTORS® members. Earlier in the year, brokers had to sign up for the service initially and before it could be shared with their agents,
Some of Amarki's features include:
  • Email
  • Text Messaging
  • Social Media Posting (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Google Ads (Display and Search)
  • PDF Downloads
  • Integrated Stock Images & Graphics
Amarki is a member of NVR's Member Benefits Program in 2020 and beyond. Through our partnership with Amarki, Nevada REALTORS members can choose one of the following memberships:
  • FREE limited access account
  • Premium paid account with 35% discount off the posted rates for NVR members
To learn more about our partnership with Amarki and to register for your account, please visit:


  REMINDER: All tenant-occupied property showings prohibited  
  REALTOR members, the showing of tenant occupied property is still STRICTLY prohibited.  We know as time goes on, REALTORS®, sellers and buyers alike are eager to gain access to tenant occupied properties.  We have recently seen instances where agents write in agent-to-agent remarks that tenant occupied property can be shown with 24-hour notice.  This is absolutely a violation of the Governor's directive. You run the risk of being reported and fined by the Attorney General's Office and Real Estate Division.  Nevada REALTORs wants to ensure that real estate sales continues to be an essential business.  Do your part by following the Governor's mandated guidelines on tenant occupied properties.  See all our guidance here.


  Deadline looming to nominate for NVR awards, apply for state association committee  
  A few important deadlines involving the state association are quickly approaching. Nevada REALTORS® is accepting nominations for its 2020 Distinguished REALTOR® Award (NDRA) and REALTOR® Active in Politics award (RAP). The deadline for the NDRA and RAP awards is Sept. 30. Click here for the awards nominations form.

Additionally, the deadline to apply for a 2021 NVR committee is now less than two weeks away - Sept. 30. Click here to access the committee interest form. 


  The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients  

Keep all parties safe in a transaction by offering buyers and sellers these important tips.

REALTORS®, have you had the safety talk with your clients yet? It's not only for their safety but for yours too.

It's a conversation far too many real estate professionals omit from their discussions with home sellers and buyers. September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and most real estate safety information centers on how to keep you safe when meeting new clients during showings or at open houses. But safety from your clients' perspective presents an entirely new set of issues.

There is a checklist for agents to use as they walk through homes with sellers, looking for items to tuck away during showings like those prescription medications and gaming systems and checking the adequacy of the home's lighting and door locks. Click here to continue reading and view the checklist.



  Donate to the REALTORS® Relief Fund  
  When major disaster strikes, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation has one goal: help families who have endured unimaginable loss. The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is currently coordinating efforts to provide relief for those affected by wildfires in California and Oregon. The foundation has made a $1 million commitment to wildfire victims. Your support will help us continue meeting the immediate housing needs of disaster victims. Click here and learn multiple ways you can donate and support the REALTORS® Relief Foundation.