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  Blanchard excited to serve as Leadership Dean  
Tom Blanchard

The Nevada REALTORS® annual Leadership Academy is gearing up for another year of programming. Its first of four sessions is coming up March 2-4 in Tempe, Ariz.

The 2022 program will be led by Dean Tom Blanchard, a Las Vegas-based REALTOR®. Blanchard, a 2017 graduate of the program, has been a Leadership Academy Trustee the past three years. Sixteen REALTORS® from across the Silver State are scheduled to participate in the 2022 program.

"I'm ecstatic to be the front man for these members' journey into leadership," Blanchard said. "Being the Dean, there's a little bit more responsibility to make sure the substance is presented in a proper and understandable way ... Our leadership program should always be growing. It should never be stagnant. We should always be evolving as members evolve."

Tiffany Banks, the Nevada Realtors® leadership academy staff liaison shared similar sentiments.

"All of us here at Nevada Realtors® work hard to create an exceptional environment and program fostering the personal and professional advancement of each participant," she said. "We want the participants to graduate from the Leadership Academy harboring strong feelings of significant growth and commitment to the association, their community and fellow REALTORS®. 

Reno REALTORS® Jordan Ames (2018 graduate) and Sarah Scattini (2019 graduate) will serve as Trustees for the 2022 program while Las Vegas REALTOR® Stephanie Dibbs-Mangual will serve as the Past Dean (2017 graduate) for the Academy's four sessions.

Blanchard is looking forward to another outstanding experience for class members in 2022.

"As a participant going through the class you have an experience and being a trustee you get to see  behind the scenes and have a different experience," he said.

"When the program is done at the end of the year, I want the class members to say that it was the best experience they've had, not just for their business but for their personal life too. I want to help enrich other members' personal and professional lives, otherwise why be involved at all."

The incoming class will be the 22nd to participate in the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy, which began in 2000. More than 220 REALTOR® graduates of the program are now better serving clients and volunteering in leadership positions across Nevada since the program's inception.   



  Cash Credits: Seller Home Repair Credits at Closing and Beyond!  

Highlighting the Potential of Fraud

By Christal Park Keegan, Nevada REALTORS Legal Information Line.

The article in the adjacent link addresses a popular issue often discussed on the Legal Information Line. NVR Legal Information Line Attorney Christal Keegan touches on key points during this current busy real estate era like -- If a seller provides cash to a buyer, outside of escrow, to cover repairs, how should those monies be disclosed??

Do you know how Nevada law reads on the subject? Read this short legal-themed FAQ article and learn all you need to know. If you have any questions, please email the Legal Information Line at You can view the legal article on the subject by clicking here.





  NVR members earning RPAC Hall of Fame status  

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee, or RPAC, - a national bipartisan grassroots-based political advocacy organization - will be adding more Nevada honorees to its Hall of Fame.

In fact, four Nevada REALTORS® members will be inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame in May 2022 honoring their investments and support.  

Tom Blanchard (LVR), Brandon Roberts (LVR), Kevin Sigstad (RSAR) and Dave Tina (LVR) comprise the group of incoming inductees. The foursome will be among the RPAC Hall of Fame's newest members when they are officially recognized this spring. They all have joined the $25,000 tier. Click here to read the full story.



  Online resources, courses available for new homebuyers  

NVR members are reminded there are online resources available for your client homebuyers, specifically those in the home-buying process for the first time. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer online courses that buyers can explore at their own pace.

Buying a home can be overwhelming, but there are resources available that can help homebuyers feel more confident in the process and arm them with important information. Online courses can help teach homebuyers how to save and prepare for a home purchase as well as what to expect when working with lenders and other real estate pros.

FNMA and FHLMC have introduced new Homebuyer Education courses that meet the national industry standards for homebuyer education required with low down payment mortgage loans. Both programs are self-paced and free of charge. Please visit the FNMA HomeView and FHLMC CreditSmart webpages for details.




  NVR, Amarki partner to add member benefit