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  Sisolak lays out State plan to move Nevada forward  

Governor makes affordable housing a top priority

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

LAS VEGAS, NV - Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak laid out his plan to move Nevada forward during an off-year State of the State address in Allegiant Stadium Wednesday.

The Governor announced a number of policy and spending proposals for the year ahead, as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and the State begins strategic budget planning for the end of the year.

"We refused to let the pandemic stop our progress. And today the state of our state is resilient, bold, and getting stronger every day. But we have a lot more work to do. And together we will get important things done," Gov. Sisolak said in the speech. "I'm so proud of Nevada, and of our people. Because despite the noise we hear from some in politics, despite the partisanship that can distract and divide, I know that at our core we all care about the same things - having a paycheck that keeps up with cost of living, schools that teach, streets that are safe, businesses that thrive and create good jobs and a government that lives within its means."

During his address, the Governor announced a number of proposals that will help Nevada's families, including unprecedented investments in housing, education and infrastructure. Announcements include: 

  • The Home Means Nevada initiative, a $500 million investment using federal funds to lower the cost of housing, help people stay in their homes, and create good-paying jobs. 

This announcement brought a smile to the faces of many, specifically REALTORS across the state, working to help clients find an affordable home.

"This is certainly welcome news," Nevada REALTORS President Doug McIntyre said. "With home prices in Nevada rising to record levels and the housing supply at or near all-time lows, the need for more affordable housing has never been greater. We look forward to working with Gov. Sisolak and other officials throughout the state to put these funds to their best use."

  • An additional $160 million investment to help lower childcare costs for parents and keep childcare workers on the job, doubling the number of families the State will be able to support. 
  • Nevada will join the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, along with Oregon and Washington State. By negotiating with drug companies together, states can start holding companies accountable to bring costs down.
  • For the next two years, the State will use federal dollars to cover the cost of school lunches for all students, which will send money back to families' pockets and make sure all students are well-fed and ready to learn.
  • Creating a working group to focus on a statewide heat strategy to help fight climate change. 
  • Convening a bipartisan task force to further red tape when it comes to occupational licensing to help spur business and economic development, along with the first ever Nevada Small Business Accelerator Program -- to help new startups get off the ground and expand.
  • Directing the Governor's Workforce Development Committee to explore ways to make community college or other apprentice and training programs free for more Nevadans by 2025.
  • Committing to providing raises for Nevada State Police in the budget proposal the Governor will submit to the legislature. 

A video recording of the Governor's speech can be found hereFact sheets related to the announcements are available here.