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  New NVR legal video touches on importance of disclosures  

The video in the adjacent link examines disclosures​, specifically identifying: 1) the right time to provide them, and 2) determining when they can be reused. The Silver State's 20,000-plus REALTOR members must know when to use disclosures to provide the best representation to clients. 

Watch this short legal video with Nevada REALTORS Legal Information Line Counsel Christal Keegan, who ​clears up any confusion. If you have any questions, please contact the Legal Information Line: via email at or by phone at 800-748-6999. Click here to watch the video. 



  Updated Nevada Law & Reference Guide released  
Christal Keegan

The highly anticipated and much needed updated Nevada Real Estate Division's Law and Reference Guide is finally here! 

Nevada REALTORS very own Legal Information Line Counsel Christal Keegan provided this much needed update with enhancements and expansions for Nevada real estate licensees. Stay tuned in the coming weeks when Counsel Keegan provides an article, highlighting the new updates. 

Click here and check out the 5th Edition of the Nevada Law and Reference Guide.



  MidasIQ offering tax-saving webinar to NVR members  

The biggest risk to your business in 2022 is inflation & taxes.  If you're paying extra for goods & services, so is the government.  So, it's likely there'll be a tax increase in 2022.  

So what can you do about it?​​​ Here's the deal ... REALTORS can make their business dollars go further by cutting unnecessary costs - And taxes are your biggest life expense? That's right!  You will spend more on taxes in your life than you will on food, shelter, transportation, and clothing combined. If you're trying to cut costs, doesn't it make sense to cut your biggest expense - taxes- first?

The good news is that MidasIQ can help you with this. Over 90% of business owners are overpaying on their taxes? That's money that is essentially being given away to the IRS. It's time to stop giving away your hard-earned money and start keeping it for you, your family, and your business, especially given the recent rise in inflation. Join MidasIQ for a webinar with former IRS attorney, Sandy Botkin, in a special MidasIQ webinar. ​

The webinar is set for Wednesday, March 2 at 10 a.m. Click here to learn more and register.



  5 Things Agents Can Do During the Slow Season  

From NAR's YPN Lounge blog page

Many real estate markets are clearly defined by a busy season and a slow season. During the slow season, it can be hard for real estate agents to stay motivated and find ways to generate new business.

Maybe fewer and fewer people are coming into the office from December to February. In fact, the office may seem like a ghost town. There's nothing wrong with taking a vacation or some time to recharge, but there are still activities agents can do to stay busy during the winter months. Click here to view the quick list of five things real estate agents can do to stay busy during the slow season and move their business forward ...



  NAR supports Ukraine's fight for freedom  

NAR wants to express our deep concern for the people of Ukraine and for all of our members affected by the ongoing violence in Eastern Europe. We continue to keep our Ukrainian members and their loved ones in our thoughts as they battle so bravely to defend their homes and protect their families. Their struggle for democracy, sovereignty, and freedom is a cause that, as Americans, strikes close to home for us all.

Many international aid organizations are currently mobilizing across Ukraine and in its neighboring countries. If you would like to donate to help those affected by the violence, please consider options that include the International Committee of the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders.