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  NVR's McIntyre lauds C2EX endorsement  

2022 State President is working on earning his endorsement this spring, encourages members statewide to join him

Nevada REALTORS® members have stepped up time and again over the years and through countless industry changes to showcase their professionalism, help each other and lead a thriving state association. Here in 2022, it's no different. NVR is competing in the Commitment-2-Excellence Challenge hosted by the National Association of REALTORS® and needs its members statewide to participate.

"This is a great program. There's a lot to be learned," NVR 2022 President Doug McIntyre said. "We as a state have not been pushing it out to our members as strongly as we should. That's why we want to start pushing it now."

This competition for state and local associations inspires REALTORS® to earn their C2EX Endorsement, to raise the level of professionalism in the industry, increase their marketability, and grow their business. Winning associations will receive grants and national recognition as well as reinforce the essential role REALTORS® play as community experts. 

"Our Nevada REALTORS® members are so strong in all areas - Leadership, Major Investors, Presidents Circle - There's no reason we can't improve our C2EX numbers as well. C2EX is a valuable endorsement," said McIntyre, who has made a commitment to earning the honor this year. 

"Not only will C2EX make us better individually, but it will make us better for our clients. REALTORS® earning their C2EX shows clients we are working to be the best we can for them."

NVR members can earn their C2EX endorsements, position Nevada REALTORS® for the win, and help colleagues optimize business practices and boost their bottom lines. The Challenge will run through Oct. 1 of 2022. Nevada REALTORS® will be doing a giveaway drawing for members who complete it. Complete the Challenge and your name will be entered into a drawing of a $100 gift card for the month you finish it, and all NVR members who complete C2EX will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize of $500 on Oct. 1.



  Henderson REALTOR® garners NAR recognition  

Bri Brenkus grabs spot on NAR's 30-under-30 honor roll, but her road to earning the honor presented some challenges

The National Association of REALTORS® received more than 300 applications in recent months for its annual 30-under-30 honor. It's easy to do the math and figure out more than 90 percent of applicants don't make the cut to be named among the national association's young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the real estate profession.

You can count Henderson REALTOR® Bri Brenkus among those who wasn't expecting much good news after submitting an application. However, that's just what she got. Brenkus was named to NAR's 2022 Class of 30-under-30 when REALTOR® Magazine made the official announcement March 21. Click here to read her full story.



  Competition in Real Estate  

REALTORS® are entrepreneurs-most often small business owners-who exemplify the spirit of this country. As expert, local brokers, REALTORS® help consumers navigate what is for many the most complex and important transaction they'll ever do. Every REALTOR® is bound by a strict code of ethics based on professionalism, consumer protection and the golden rule. REALTORS® are also engaged neighbors committed to building and enhancing the communities they serve and fighting for fair housing. Checkout NAR's new website: Competition.Realtor



  NAR's 2023 committee application process open to members  

REALTOR® members can apply to a 2023 Committee and help shape the direction of the National Association of REALTORS®. Now through May 13, members may submit their applications in order to be considered for a committee leadership or member position. 

NVR members are encouraged to submit multiple applications (up to five) in order to be considered for all committees they have an interest in serving on. However, members will only receive one appointment, per current policy. Applications are compiled for review by NAR Officers during the NAR committee selection process.

To the extent possible, the composition of committees shall be representative of the general membership. While broad-based representation is desirable, this should not be construed as limiting the president from appointing the most knowledgeable and competent individuals available to serve on committees. Click here to apply for an NAR committee.