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  Spying Sellers: Surveillance Legal Issues  

By Christal Park Keegan - NVR Legal Information Line Counsel

We are all being watched. From the moment you walk up to a home's front door and encounter a Ring Video Doorbell to being monitored by Nest Cams once inside, our expectations of privacy are gone. As REALTORS®, what do we need to know about the use of audio and video recording devices in our real estate dealings? You can read about that and more in this NVR legal article

Home sellers and today's buyers alike carry technology with surveillance capabilities (cell phones). But, the use of recording devices isn't without legal risk.  Know the law! Check out this this NAR legal video:  Window to the Law: Video and Audio Surveillance Legal Issues ( Additionally, you can view a similar Nevada REALTORS® video on the subject by clicking here.




  Nevada Department of Taxation warns of fraudulent notice  

The Nevada Department of Taxation has been informed that the type of notice linked here has been received by several taxpayers. Though these notices read in a formal tone, please be advised that they were not issued by the Department or on behalf of the Department.

The notices mention that the taxpayer has unpaid tax debt that needs to be paid immediately or enforcement such as seizure or forfeiture of Social Security benefits and garnishing of wages and bank accounts will take place. The notice also contains a phone number, which is not a Department phone number.

Notices of Delinquent Taxes sent by the Department include a calculation of taxes due and instructions on how to remit payment. The Department of Taxation does not have authority to seize or garnish Social Security benefits, wages, or bank accounts without further legal action. If you receive, or have received, this type of notice or a similar notice and have questions, please contact the Department Call Center at (866) 962-3707.  Click here to view the fraudulent notice.



  NAR study shows lack of affordable housing biggest obstacle to home buying  

The lack of affordable homes is the top obstacle holding back potential home buyers of all races, but other obstacles to homeownership varied by race/ethnicity according to a new report released today by the National Association of Realtors®. NAR partnered with Morning Consult for its latest study, 2022 Obstacles to Home Buying, which explores current obstacles to home buying broken down by race/ethnicity.

The report compares the experiences of both potential and successful home buyers across races and ethnicities. The biggest challenges identified are a lack of affordable homes, a lack of homes that fit their criteria, competing with multiple offers, and saving for a down payment. Click here to read more.



  NAR's 2023 committee application process open to members  

REALTOR® members can apply to a 2023 Committee and help shape the direction of the National Association of REALTORS®. Now through May 13, members may submit their applications in order to be considered for a committee leadership or member position. 

NVR members are encouraged to submit multiple applications (up to five) in order to be considered for all committees they have an interest in serving on. However, members will only receive one appointment, per current policy. Applications are compiled for review by NAR Officers during the NAR committee selection process.

To the extent possible, the composition of committees shall be representative of the general membership. While broad-based representation is desirable, this should not be construed as limiting the president from appointing the most knowledgeable and competent individuals available to serve on committees. Click here to apply for an NAR committee.



  NVR members invited to attend UNLV real estate Outlook  

Change is all around us, so we must be both nimble and vigilant as we adapt to a new normal.  UNLV's Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) Outlook this spring focuses on what the new normal is -- The "Endemic Economy" -- as we move from one phase of the pandemic to another and what to expect over the next two years. 

Join CBER, UNLV's Lied Center for Real Estate and The Economic Club of Las Vegas to examine the economic forecasts for the United States and Southern Nevada, and bring together keynote speakers, and subject-matter experts for conversations on housing, workforce, inflation, and economic diversification.  The Outlook event is set for Wednesday from 7:30 to 10 a.m. Click here to learn more and register. General admission tickets are $125. NVR members can receive a 10 percent discount using the code 'OUTLOOK10' at checkout.