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  LEGAL: Peeping, eavesdropping & expectations of privacy in listed & rental properties  

The article in the adjacent link addresses a popular issue often discussed on the Legal Information Line. This article was originally released in February of 2020 and is being shared again because of its importance. The NVR Legal team touches on key points during this current busy real estate era like -- Should brokers ask their clients to disclose in writing if surveillance devices are present on the property?

Do you know how Nevada law reads on the subject? Read this short legal-themed FAQ article and learn all you need to know. If you have any questions, please email the Legal Information Line at You can view the legal article on the subject by clicking here.



  Boons for Buyers: Cities where sellers are slashing home prices  

Reno comes in atop list

Just a few months ago, home sellers were living the high life. Once they decided to list their homes, everything was smooth sailing all the way. They didn't have to bother with fixing much of anything or staging rooms to look bigger or better. Heck, many didn't even trouble themselves to clean their homes before opening them up to eager buyers. And yet many sellers were still receiving multiple offers well over the asking price from buyers, who were often waiving home inspections and every other conceivable contingency to nail down a deal.

The times, as they say, are a-changin'. Fast. Buyers are now dropping out of the market like woozy midsummer flies due to record-high and still-rising home prices coupled with higher mortgage rates pummeling their inflation-battered budgets. Fears of another recession, stock market drops, and a growing sense of ennui over the state of the world are also sidelining buyers. Click here to read the full article.



  NAR Chief Economist addresses Senate Banking on State of Housing in America  

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors®, told the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs last week that he does not foresee a nationwide decline in home prices despite indications that price growth is set to slow. Yun testified that the potential for weaker sales should increase available inventory in some markets, but not enough to diminish persistent affordability constraints which, for many Americans, have kept homeownership out of reach over recent years.

Last week's hearing, Priced Out: The State of Housing in America, comes as the nation confronts a 6-million-unit housing shortage. This decades-in-the-making phenomenon has helped sustain year-over-year price growth for a record 124 consecutive months. A study of other circumstances in the market is also particularly compelling given COVID's impact on U.S. housing and recent, dramatic fluctuations in mortgage interest rates. Click here to read more.



  Technology REALTORS® use the most  

Get insights on the most popular tech platforms from NAR's 2022 Member Profile


REALTORS® use multiple technology platforms daily to promote their business and stay connected to clients. While smartphones and email are key tools that facilitate most of those connections, 53% of REALTORS® also use social media apps or GPS features daily, according to the National Association of REALTORS®' 2022 Member Profile.

Typing proves more popular than talking to clients. According to the survey, 94% of REALTORS® say they prefer to communicate with their clients over text message, followed by telephone (92%) or email (90%). About 27% of REALTORS® say they prefer to use video chat to connect with customers. Click here to see a snapshot of more technology use among REALTORS®.



  Nominations open for 2022 NVR awards  

Nevada REALTORS® is accepting nominations for 2022 REALTOR® of the Year Award (ROY), Distinguished REALTOR® Award (NDRA), Inspiring New Leader of Tomorrow Award (INLTA), and REALTOR® Active in Politics award (RAP). The deadline for the NDRA and RAP awards is Friday, Sept. 30. The ROY award deadline is August 15. Read the individual award qualifications here and then nominate a deserving REALTOR® today! You can view the nomination application for awards by clicking here.  Then, please email Lilli Walker at NVR with your nominations.