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The first nine weeks of Nevada's 2023 Legislative Session are in the books; Episode 9 is released

Nevada Realtors Past President Chris Bishop (2020) and 2023 Legislative Chair Keith Lynam discuss the Silver State real estate industry and policy impacts as the Nevada Legislature continues its 2023 session. Click here to see the video.

*A Reminder that Bills and Bill Draft Requests are CONSTANTLY CHANGING during Session. The information contained in this video MAY NOT BE CURRENT for more than a couple of days. Please view updated “It’s Not Soup Yet” videos and read the REALTOR Advocate which goes out to NVR members via email every Friday during session for the latest information.



  NAR committee application process open  

REALTOR® members can apply to a 2024 Committee and help shape the direction of the National Association of REALTORS®. Now through May 15, members may submit their applications in order to be considered for a committee leadership or member position. 

NVR members are encouraged to submit multiple applications (up to five) in order to be considered for all committees they have an interest in serving on. However, members will only receive one appointment, per current policy. Applications are compiled for review by NAR Officers during the NAR committee selection process.

To the extent possible, the composition of committees shall be representative of the general membership. While broad-based representation is desirable, this should not be construed as limiting the president from appointing the most knowledgeable and competent individuals available to serve on committees. Click here to apply for an NAR committee.



  Help clients get an objective view of local schools  

REALTORS should not offer an opinion about school quality, but they can point customers toward data, resources and the right people to talk to about their concerns.

A lot has been happening in America’s schools lately. Battles over the appropriateness of classroom curriculum and books in school libraries have captured the national conversation. This may lead to more questions from your clients about the suitability of local schools for their children. 

You must remember that it’s a violation of fair housing law to give customers your opinion about school quality and steer them toward or away from certain schools. But what can you discuss with clients, and how can you add value to the conversation without crossing the line? Two REALTORS® who are taking on this issue every day join host Marki Lemons Ryhal to discuss this important topic.

Listen to the Drive with NAR discussion on this issue by clicking here.



  What is fair housing and why does it still matter?  

April is Fair Housing Month

America’s cities and suburbs were built on housing discrimination.

When the suburbs went up across the nation after World War II, people of color were often barred from owning or renting in these communities through language written in the deeds of these homes. Many people of color were barred from receiving mortgages for nicer homes in more desirable neighborhoods due to redlining. The loans they did receive were often predatory, and many were consigned to renting while their white peers built wealth through homeownership, money that’s still being passed down to future generations today.

It wasn’t that long ago that women were routinely denied mortgages unless they had male co-signers, landlords didn’t have to make their buildings wheelchair-accessible, and families with young children could be denied rental housing. Click here to read the full article from




  Selling a home is easy if you work with a REALTOR®  

There's much more to selling a home than some people think. But if you work with a Real Estate Agent who is a REALTOR®, selling a home is easy ...