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  It's Not Soup Yet! - Episode 14  

Nevada Realtors 2023 President Tom Blanchard, Past President Chris Bishop (2020) and 2023 Legislative Chair Keith Lynam discuss the Silver State real estate industry and policy impacts as the Nevada Legislature continues its 2023 session. 

*A Reminder that Bills and Bill Draft Requests are CONSTANTLY CHANGING during Session. The information contained in this video MAY NOT BE CURRENT for more than a couple of days. Please view updated “It’s Not Soup Yet” videos and read the REALTOR Advocate which goes out to NVR members via email every Friday during session for the latest information.

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  5 common real estate safety myths  

Most professionals believe these ideas will improve their personal security in the field. Sometimes, they’re wrong.

Real estate brokers and agents have hyped certain safety protocols in an effort to beef up personal security in the field, but some of the ideas that have become popular in the industry don’t necessarily make you less vulnerable to an attack. In fact, some may have the opposite effect.

It’s not that these suggestions don’t have any value in the pursuit of safer practices, but none of them are foolproof. You shouldn’t rely too heavily on any one safety practice; to truly conduct business in a safer manner, you must incorporate a multitude of safety measures. As a longtime real estate safety educator, I offer these five personal security myths, along with my suggestions for how to work around them. Click here to read the full article.



  How to stand out from the crowd and win listings  

As a new real estate agent, getting out there and meeting with potential clients for new listings can be hectic and stressful. These meetings can make you feel a little anxious, especially if you know that you are not the only agent interviewing for the job. This article will go over some ideas and suggestions that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you are prepared for the listing appointment. Sure, you know your stuff, you know the current market, and you can sell anything, especially yourself. However, what if you get to the listing appointment and start your presentation and find that your potential client has a different learning and personality style than you? Click here to continue reading this article.



  Perspectives: A synopsis of Global Business from NAR’s REALTOR Legislative Meetings  

By Diane Brown, Nevada REALTORS Global Business Committee member

Diane Brown

We received a presentation on NAR’s strategic plan (Six Pillars): Leadership & Influence, Industry Outreach, Member success, Realtor Brand, Member Experience & Org. Development & Performance. 

Global International REALTOR participants at our Legislative conference were comprised of 61 attendees, representing 18 countries. NAR has a new MOU with Albania. This means its International REALTOR participants prescribe to the NAR Code of Ethics as well as referral cooperation. In the presentation from Russell Riggs, Director, Environmental & Sustainability – NAR Advocacy Group, he updated us on the formation of the board of the International Realtor Relief Fund which is now named the Realtor Fund for Global Assistance (RFGA).  Continue reading here.