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  It's Not Soup Yet! - FINAL Episode  

Nevada Realtors 2023 President Tom Blanchard, Past President Chris Bishop (2020) and 2023 Legislative Chair Keith Lynam discuss the Silver State real estate industry and policy impacts following the conclusion of the 2023 Nevada Legislative 2023 session. 

*A Reminder that Bills and Bill Draft Requests were CONSTANTLY CHANGING during Session. The information contained in this video MAY NOT BE CURRENT for more than a couple of days. Please read the REALTOR Advocate which goes out to NVR members via email every Friday during session for the latest information.

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  Explain how REALTORS®, local broker marketplaces work  

While NAR fights legal challenges to procompetitive, proconsumer local broker marketplaces, you can educate your community

In the litigation landscape that the National Association of REALTORS® is facing today, much of what NAR is fighting is misinformation, mischaracterization and lack of understanding or education. There are class-action attorneys and other challengers who have a blatant disregard or lack of appreciation for the value REALTORS® bring consumers and how local MLS broker marketplaces serve the best interests of American home buyers and sellers.

Litigation is a long, complex process that will not be resolved for years, and NAR takes each case and legal development seriously. NAR leadership is taking proactive measures to ensure consumers continue to benefit from the access and opportunities they have today and that real estate professionals continue to be equipped and positioned to serve the best interests of those consumers. On the front, NAR has legal teams actively engaged to defend pro-consumer and pro-competitive practices in local broker marketplaces. Click here to finish reading this article from REALTOR® magazine.



  REPORT: Housing Market Needs 300,000+ affordable homes  

Lack of affordable homes for middle-income buyers

The U.S. housing market is short more than 300,000 affordable homes for middle-income buyers, according to a new analysis from the National Association of Realtors® and®. The country's persistent housing inventory crunch impacts middle-income buyers more than any other income bracket.

NAR and®'s housing affordability and supply report examines the number of listings missing by price range in the current market when compared to a balanced market. A balanced market is defined as when half of all available homes fall within the price range affordable for middle-income buyers. Click here for more details.



  NVR Global Business Committee hosting webinar  


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