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Urge Your State Senate and Assembly Representatives to Oppose A New CME Mandate

A.355/S.4348 are ready for a vote in both the New York State Senate and Assembly. Action could come as quickly as today!
This legislation would require health care professionals authorized to prescribe controlled substances to complete a three hour educational course every two years on many significant clinical issues including: controlled substances, pain management, appropriate prescribing, managing acute pain, palliative medicine, prevention, screening and signs of addiction, and end-of-life care.
While NYACP supports continuing education and practice improvement in these areas, we oppose the legislation as yet another mandate on physician practices.  Most physicians currently take fifty hours or more of continuing medical education each year and regularly maintain certification by their specialty board. Physicians in New York State are already required by legislative mandate to comply with I-STOP and consult the PMP prior to prescribing a controlled substance, take a two hour course on child abuse identification and reporting, and take an infection control and barrier precaution course every four years.  In addition, other mandates have been imposed by the legislature regarding physician-patient communication related to information on Hepatitis C, mammography screening, HIV-AIDS testing, and palliative care. There are also reporting requirements on suspicions of abuse, communicable diseases, and access to firearms. 
Although all of these issues are well intended, continuing to mandate individual, disease-specific physician coursework and communications becomes burdensome and minimizes the time physicians can spend with patients addressing relevant, patient-specific needs. 
These bills impose yet another mandate. Recognizing current rigorous requirements for ongoing and continuous professional education, your immediate action in asking the Legislature to reject A.355/S.4348 is necessary.
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