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Opposition to the Village of Rhinebeck Short-Term Rental Proposal

Opposition to the Village of Rhinebeck Short-Term Rental Proposal

As a member of the Dutchess County Association of REALTORS® I am asking that you amend the proposed short-term rental regulations to ensure that Village homeowners property rights are protected. As currently written, these regulations would drastically curtail a homeowner’s ability to utilize their property as they see fit.

A major issue with the current proposal is limiting of the number homes that can operate as short-term rentals in the Village. The current proposal only allows 15 homes, out an approximately 1200 in the Village, the ability to rent their homes. Not only is this number woefully low, the 15 houses that can operate will be determined on a yearly lottery, providing uncertainty for the lucky homeowners who do have the opportunity to rent their homes every year. Not being able to count on a second source of income every year is unfair to operators.

Another aspect of this proposed law that is troubling is the limit on the number of days a short-term rental can operate. The law will only allow a home to be rented for 16 days in a calendar year. That is a very low, arbitrary number that will severely limit operators’ abilities to earn a second income, and with the dearth of affordable lodging in Rhinebeck, it will undoubtedly limit the number of tourists and visitors coming to the Village.

There is no reason to rush regulations through that will have a deleterious effect on homeowners in the Village. Please withdraw this proposal and work with stakeholders on a new proposal that protect property rights and ensure economic opportunity for residents.

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