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Urge Lawmakers to PASS S.7656/A.8662 - Remove Telemarketing Restrictions on Real Estate Licensees
Take Action Now — Urge State Lawmakers to PASS S.7656/A.8662 to remove cold call restrictions on licensed real estate professionals during a State of Emergency.

Throughout the pandemic, and still today, Realtors® have been shut out of conducting cold calls due to declarations and extensions of multiple states of emergency to address gun violence and health concerns brought on by COVID-19. This, unfortunately, is directly impeding real estate business operations, which are completely unrelated to the states of emergency declared by the governor  - Real estate licensees may not make any unsolicited phone calls to a member of the public during a statewide state of emergency.

Ensuring critical care in our hospitals and healthcare facilities and curbing gun violence are serious public safety issues. However, as currently written in law, these states of emergency trigger an outright ban on cold calling, regardless of the type of emergency or its duration. We see no connection between acting to ensure healthcare staffing or curb gun violence and the legitimate business practice of telemarketing. 

Please urge your state lawmakers to PASS legislation S.7656/A.8662, which clarifies the ability for licensed real estate professionals to provide telemarketing services during states of emergency when it is found that such services would not impair or mitigate said state of emergency. This legislation will not in any way impede current state efforts to supplement healthcare staffing or curb gun violence.

There is a critical housing shortage and this ban is making it worse by stopping us from developing new listings to help raise inventory for new and potential home buyers in New York.

Thank you for your advocacy efforts!

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