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Support our Coasties, fund the Coast Guard!

The Issue
The Coast Guard needs more funding to support ever-growing maritime demands in an era of increased transnational criminal organization (TCO) activity, arctic activity, and Great Power Competition.

The Coast Guard is deployed globally to promote peace, fortify alliances, attract new partners, and challenge threats. An agile and adaptive force with the ability to rapidly shift among many missions to meet national priorities during steady state and crisis operations. Their leadership in global maritime governing bodies and a collaborative approach drives stability, legitimacy, and order. Their role is to maximize readiness today and tomorrow, address the complex maritime challenges, and deliver mission excellence anytime, anywhere.

With more than five consecutive clean audits, the Coast Guard is without a doubt the best bang for taxpayer dollars in the federal government. At a total budget of around $12 billion, the Coast Guard is the world’s premier, multi-mission, maritime service, they offer a unique and enduring value to the nation.  The only branch of the U.S. Armed Forces within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a federal law enforcement agency, a regulatory body, a first responder, and a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community – the Coast Guard is uniquely positioned to help secure the maritime border, combat transnational criminal organizations (TCO), and safeguard commerce on America’s waterways.

The Solution 
Ask your representatives to support the Coast Guard's need for adequate funding in fiscal year 2021. We believe this is necessary to ensure proper maintenance and training, establish effective readiness and maintain a strong workforce. The Navy League is asking Congress for: 
  1. A 5 percent annual increase in the fiscal year 2021 Operations and Support account to properly man, sustain, maintain and equip Coast Guard units.
  2. A procurement budget of at least $2 billion in fiscal year 2021 to continue recapitalizing an aging Coast Guard fleet with 4 Fast Response Cutters (FRCs), and provide $300 million for deferred shore infrastructure maintenance and construction to reduce the $2 billion backlog, and keep our Coasties safe and effective as they protect our shores and save lives every day.

Why You Should Take Action
The demands on our Coasties are growing every year, despite the fact that funding for the Coast Guard has remained flat. This leads to higher stress on the ships in the fleet, and every man and woman serving our country, as well as their families. If our Coasties don't have proper equipment and a proper work environment it hurts recruitment and retention efforts and simply isn't right. We must rebalance our resources to better align with the current strategic environment; the Coast Guard budget must grow to match the missions expected.

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