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Ask Congress to Support the Sea Cadets!

The Issue

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is the only congressionally chartered, military-oriented youth program where the participants (cadets and volunteers) are responsible for paying many of the program expenses out-of-pocket. The USNSCC needs funding from the Department of the Navy from their operations funds in order to “buy down” the individual’s training costs to a reasonable amount. The Navy sponsor, Navy Recruiting Command, inputs approximately $1.7 million into the President’s Budget request every year and the USNSCC team asks for additional funding to meet their needs. Only through ongoing congressional support, via additional funds that vary every year, are the Sea Cadets able to maintain this program. 

The US Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a great organization with an incredible program that has been teaching students in 380 units all across the nation about STEM fields for more than 60 years. The Sea Cadet program builds strong moral character and life skills through leadership and technical programs modeled after the Navy's professional development system, in fact although it is not required more than 46% of Cadet graduates enlist or commission in the Navy.

The Solution

Last year in fiscal year 2020 Congress appropriated additional funds on top of the Navy request for a total of $6 million, we are asking for Congress to again match this funding level for a total of $6 million in fiscal year 2021.

Why you should take action
A reduced amount below the $6 million requirement sacrifices the goal of reduced enrollment fees and the total defrayment of all uniform and unit costs. This amount will allow for program maintenance, but will preclude any significant program growth and jeopardize training opportunities. Please use your voice and contact your representatives to educate them about the good work done by the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.


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