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Fix HB228 BEFORE the Gun Ban Gets Enacted!

The Ohio General Assembly passed the watered-down House Bill 228 in December, but the bill had a HUGE ERROR embedded in it that could turn hundreds of thousands of gun owners into instant CRIMINALS if emergency legislation is not enacted! 

On March 28, 2019, any firearm with an overall length of at least twenty-six inches approved for sale by the BATFE under the GCA of 1968, but that is found by the BATFE not to be regulated under the NFA will be classified as "dangerous ordnance." 

What that means is, if you live in a county with an anti-gun prosecutor, if you possess an AR15, or a thumbhole stock rifle, or a firearm with a flash suppressor or other cosmetic features, you could be charged with possession of dangerous ordnance and face a FELONY charge

Sadly, Representative Sarah LaTourette and BFA's Jim Irvine and Dean Rieck weren't reading their own bill properly, and it passed into law. 

Their mistake is now every gun owner's problem, and Ohio Gun Owners members and supporters can't sit on the sidelines and hope the General Assembly "does the right thing" to fix their mistake. 

And we all know the gun-grabbers will do everything they can to make sure this remains on the books...

That's why gun owners across our state need to leap into action and contact their Representatives and Senators RIGHT AWAY to demand they pass emergency legislation to fix their mistake!

FIGHT for your gun rights - contact them now!
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