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Stop, Block and KILL the DeWine/Husted Gun-Control Agenda!
Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted have joined forces with Michael Bloomberg to bring forward a monstrous gun-control omnibus bill, and we need to STOP IT!

Their bill would:

1) Create a de facto statewide gun registry.

Anyone who doesn't use it could be guilty of a 3rd degree felony and three years in prison. 

2) Implement a de facto "Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law."

It would do this by expanding Ohio's "pink-slip" law, which would empower an embittered ex to petition to have someone involuntarily committed for "treatment," stripping you of your gun-rights in the process! 

It is a massive, bloated gun-control omnibus bill that the crazed leftists, the gun-control militants in the legislature and the corporate, fakenews media are hoping they can browbeat Republicans into passing.

Created in secrecy away from the light of Ohio's unapologetic, no-compromise gun-rights community, this bill is being ramrodded through our legislature at lighting speed

That's why we're asking you to contact your state senator in Columbus NOW

We've already done the work for you. It's easy, safe and secure, just click on the pre-written messages, fill in your information, press submit and you're done! 

Don't wait - our rights are on the chopping block!
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