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Urging Your Support for HB 189 and SB 129

Dear Salon Owner or Licensee, 
We need your voice to urge lawmakers to support Sub. HB 189 and SB 129.
The Ohio Salon Association has been working hard over the past five years to address issues facing licensees, schools and salons in our state.  We are especially concerned about private school closings in Ohio which negatively impacts the workforce.  There have been 28 schools that have closed (or will close) since May 2015.  We need to take action now to help those entering the beauty industry in Ohio.
We have been working with a national group call the Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition (FBIC) to research the laws in every state and decide what changes we should make to lead the nation.
The research was concluded over a year ago and demonstrated that Ohio's cosmetology license minimum hours requirement should be at 1,000 hours as a floor, not 1,500 hours as a ceiling.  Public students in Ohio are graduating with around 1,000 hours of cosmetology education that they get for free.  That means they graduate with no debt.  These students are no different from the students that graduate from private schools. 
The standard should be fair in Ohio.  The minimum barrier to entry to the profession for all students should be 1,000 hours. Private school students should not be stuck paying for more time in the classroom or working on the clinic floor making money for the schools for an additional 500 hours.  That's 500 additional hours paying tuition, running up student debt, and not making money.
We also want to promote license mobility.  A licensee can take an exam in the other state to quickly get licensed.  However, generally, after one to two years of experience, an individual can transfer a license without taking an exam.  This law makes it a license for license endorsement in Ohio.  If you have a license, you get a license in Ohio under this law.  If you are a salon owner this helps with licensees who want to practice in Ohio or other locations, and if you are a licensee it helps make your licensee more portable.
Educate yourself on these issues.  Listen to the facts and don't be swayed by some private school owners who are only interested in continuing to make money off of the backs of young women and men who want to enter this profession. 
·       You can be an EMT and save lives but only need 800 hours,
·       You can do million dollar home sales transactions with 120 hours,
·       You can be responsible for childrens' lives as a school bus driver with 72 hours, and
·       You can handle needles and blood with zero hours as a tattoo artist,
But to cut hair big government says you better have 1500 hours of training if you are paying for a private education! That's just not fair and we are working hard to change this law.
These ideas and opportunities were incorporated into what is now Sub. HB 189 of the 132nd Ohio General Assembly.
We hope that you will take a few moments to contact your Ohio House and Senate member to urge their support for Sub. HB 189 and SB 129.
Don't worry you are not alone.  Here is a list of individuals, salons and associations that support Sub. HB 189 and SB 129:
Supporters of Ohio HB 189

Arthur Gray Holdings, Inc.
Bhooshay Enterprises of Ohio, LLC
Blue Co. Brands
Burben Investments, Inc.
Charles Penzone, Inc.
Cincy Clips, Inc.
Courtnie Wesselman
CSJ Ventures, Inc.
Daniel Feiwell - No LLC
Demer Retail Ventures, LLC
Eckert, Inc. dba Great Clips
Empire Beauty Schools
Esquire Holdings, LLC
Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition
Gem City Clips
Gold Coast Ventures, LLC
Great Clips
Hyland MH Retreats, LLC
Hyland Properties, LLC
Institute for Justice
Intercoiffure America/Canada
International Salon/Spa Business Network
j.calico, LLC
JaNaMo Enterprises, Inc.
Jay-Mar Enterprises, LLC
JC Penney Salons
JM Elliott Enterprise, LLC
Kerry and Anthony Sawyer
Lake House Holdings, LLC
Laventure, Inc.
LGC Properties Management
LST Clips, Inc.
M&M Wardeiner, Inc.
Maxco, Inc.
Maxxco, LLC
Michael's Salon and Spa
NeCole Cumberlander
North Coast Partners, LLC
Norton Clips, LLC
Oakpoint Partners, Inc.
Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Salon Association
Park 50 Clips, LLC
QuickGroome, Inc. dba Roosters
Quiddity Partners, LLC
Rachelle King
R.L.O., Inc.
RamseyRooney & Co.
S&L Cuts, Inc.
Sawyer Business Group, Inc.
Scott Burandt
Shaun Norton dba SportClips
TJTKR Enterprises, Inc.
SDM Partners, Inc.
SRL Clips, LLC
Studio Wish Salon
Tasha Sheipline
The 220 Group, Ltd.
The Visage Group
Tillery Enterprises, Inc.
Tillery Salons, Inc.
Trinity Leadership 6, LLC
Trinity Leadership 7, LLC
Vanity Ventures, Inc.

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