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Stop Cap-and-Trade
Cap-and-Trade hurts Oregonians across the state by saddling businesses and families with additional taxes and costs, ultimately harming our economy and way of life. 
  • Cap-and-Trade hurts small businesses and working Oregonians. Cap-and-Trade brings with it increased costs of everyday items like fuel, electricity, food and household goods. The average family would pay an estimated $700 - $1,000 more per year in higher costs for these items, including an immediate 22-cent increase in gas prices.
  • Cap-and-Trade hurts our economy with lost jobs and backroom deal-making. Politically-connected corporations would have an unfair advantage to escape the tax, while less politically-connected businesses would face higher taxes and costs. Cap-and-Trade would cost Oregon thousands of living-wage jobs as businesses move to other states with higher carbon emissions.
  • Cap-and-Trade hurts Oregonians with wasteful spending. Cap-and-Trade would allow unelected state bureaucrats to raise taxes and costs on businesses and consumers - without a vote of the legislature -  at a rate of $700 million per year. There is no accountable plan for spending the additional money.
This is a California-sized policy that would burden Oregonians with additional taxes and increased costs that impact everyday life. Tell your Senator that Oregonians can't afford Cap-and-Trade.
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