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As advocates for the creative community we: stay informed about the current challenges facing the arts; raise awareness about the essential value of the arts to the economy and our culture; and support the individuals and groups working to ensure broad access to the arts.

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In a strong pro-vaccination policy statement, AEG Presents has announced they will now require proof of vaccination for all crew and ticketholders at all of its U.S. venues. We applaud the move as decisive action to keep concert-goers safe, but we must acknowledge that as one of the largest event producers and venue owners, AEG has the leverage and financial resources to take this stance without suffering repercussions. Unfortunately, smaller arts organizations across the country have to face vaccination policy decisions with fear of alienating audiences or financial loss. This is a critical moment where we need to install leadership at the federal level for the arts sector in the form of a Secretary of Arts and Culture so that all arts organizations have unified guidelines and support as they try to reopen.

Charles Segars
Chief Executive Officer, Ovation TV
Founder, Stand For The Arts

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