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As advocates for the creative community we: stay informed about the current challenges facing the arts; raise awareness about the essential value of the arts to the economy and our culture; and support the individuals and groups working to ensure broad access to the arts.

Action Alert

In light of the recent ballot measure proposal in California to increase funding for arts and music education, Charles Segars, the CEO of Ovation TV, Malissa Shriver, co-founder and board chair of Turnaround Arts: California, and Rachel Moore, President and CEO of The Music Center, release the following joint statement:

“We applaud the coalition of education, arts, and music leaders who have filed a proposed CA ballot measure to increase funding for arts and music education in every K-12 public school in California, all without increasing taxes. This new measure will generate roughly $800 million more in funding for arts and music education. Arts education needs to be a priority for the state of California. Studies have shown that the power of art contributes to the development and overall well-being of people of all ages. This ballot measure will show the rest of the country that California is leading the way when it comes to supporting artists and valuing the creative economy.”

Charles Segars
CEO, Ovation TV
Founder, Stand For The Arts

Malissa Shriver
Co-founder and Board Chair, Turnaround Arts: California

Rachel Moore
President and CEO, The Music Center

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