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Sign the Petition: Fix the DSP Crisis!
Pennsylvania's intellectual disability/autism (ID/A) system workforce is in crisis, with over 8500 Direct Support Professional (DSP) positions turning over each year and over 3500 positions vacant. PAR has launched the #FixTheDSPCrisis campaign to tell Pennsylvania’s policymakers to address this crisis now. After watching the Fix The DSP Crisis Video, sign the petition asking Pennsylvania’s policymakers to #FixTheDSPCrisis!
Petition Text
Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability and Autism system is still facing a workforce crisis where over 8500 Direct Support Professional (DSP) positions turn over each year and 3500 positions are vacant. This threatens the community system that supports over 50,000 Pennsylvanians with intellectual disability or autism (ID/A). DSP wages are solely funded by government. We, the undersigned, ask you to fund rate increases for ID/A services so that we can begin to #FixTheDSPCrisis!

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