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Protect Voting Rights amid Coronavirus!

Protect Voting Rights amid Coronavirus! 
On April 6th, amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled to continue with primary and general elections on April 7th and not extend the state’s absentee ballot deadline. This endangered and disenfranchised voters. In Milwaukee, only five polling locations were open, a massive drop from the 180 polling locations the city provided in 2016. Because of the limited number of polling locations, many people were not able to vote in person. Those who did vote in person stood in long lines of people, which posed a health and safety risk because of Coronavirus. 
In 2008, the 218th PC(U.S.A.) General Assembly affirmed that “to deny anyone a fair vote is a sin.” Our faith calls us to ensure that every child of God can participate equally in elections, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or ability. No one should have to risk their life to be able to vote. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the United States must act to protect the voting rights of all Americans. Otherwise, extreme voter suppression will occur in more states than Wisconsin, further marginalizing communities like Black voters that have already been impacted by voter suppression. As we approach November, we must prevent voter suppression due to Coronavirus and ensure that all Americans can participate in the upcoming general election. 
Act NOW to prevent future voter suppression! 
Right now, proposed legislation for the next coronavirus relief package provides no money for voting rights protections during the pandemic. We must act now to ensure that voter suppression does not continue into the November election. Urge your representative to include $4 billion in Congress’ next stimulus package for states and localities to: 

  • Require no-excuse absentee voting with prepaid postage;
  • Extend the Voter Registration Period for at least 15 days of early voting;
  • Ensure same-day registration;
  • Require election contingency plans to protect the health and safety of poll workers and voters for those who can’t vote absentee;
  • Require states to provide online voter registration.

Call your representative TODAY! 

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