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Tell Congress to Oppose Sanctions Against Syria
Tell your members of Congress to prioritize the health and safety of the most vulnerable in Syria by ending the current program of sanctions. 
Today, new US sanctions against Syria take effect as a result of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. This piece of legislation will expand on the already strict sanctions regime against Syria, further destabilizing the country and the surrounding region. Although the Caesar Act is intended to place additional pressure on the Assad regime, its real consequence will be to hurt ordinary Syrian families, who are already suffering greatly. 
In recent months, the prices of basic commodities such as food and fuel have skyrocketed in Syria. Sanctions have contributed to the problem of hyper-inflation, such that Syrian civilians are struggling to afford food to feed their families. Food insecurity has risen dramatically in the country, as the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported as of May 30, “9.3 million people in Syria are now considered food insecure; an increase of 1.4 million in the past six months.” 
The Presbyterian Church (USA) is committed to alleviating the suffering in Syria. In 2018, the 223rd General Assembly of the PC(USA) passed a resolution to call on the US government to “review and revise the current program of economic sanctions on Syria so as to reduce their painful impact on ordinary Syrian families.” The new sanctions under the Caesar Act would exacerbate an already dire situation. Today, PC(USA) joins other Christian denominations in a letter to Congress raising concerns for the Syrian people and the harmful impact of additional US sanctions.
Syria needs our help. One Syrian woman, Fouad Shabbana, said, “No one can afford to buy anything. As of yesterday, my whole [monthly] salary can buy one kilo of meat. I now get paid the equivalent of $14.” Furthermore, rising fuel prices have made it difficult for families to heat their homes in the winter, to fill their cars with gasoline, and to operate generators—an important source of electricity, with so much of Syria’s infrastructure destroyed.
The PC(USA) believes that it is our calling as Christians to advocate for the most vulnerable among us who cannot advocate for themselves. Join us in urging the US government to lift the broad economic sanctions against Syria and to address areas of concern through the political process and robust diplomatic engagement. 
Tell your members of Congress to prioritize the health and safety of the most vulnerable in Syria by ending the current program of sanctions. 
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