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National Call in Day for COVID-19 Relief Package

Across the country, COVID cases are rising dramatically. The fall and winter ahead of us hold significant challenges, especially at a time when many people are already facing extreme hardship. People are facing hunger and the threat of eviction or homelessness, in alarming numbers. Since May more than eight million more people have been forced into poverty; many of them Black people and children. The pandemic and the resultant economic disaster will not go away anytime soon. These issues are only getting worse. Millions of Americans need relief. Continued inaction from Congress means millions will lose their homes and go hungry. 
Congress must pass a COVID relief bill that includes the following policy priorities:

  • Increase maximum SNAP benefits by 15%
  • Allocate more money for housing, homeless assistance, and extend the moratorium on evictions
  • Extend expanded unemployment assistance
  • Expand the EITC and Child Tax Credit
  • Authorize another economic impact payment
  • Authorize Pandemic TANF Assistance Act
  • Labor Protections

We must urge our nation’s leaders to understand the dire needs of millions of people throughout our country!

The PC(U.S.A.) recognizes God’s call to actively engage in the world around us and care for the most marginalized people in our society. This call is especially important now. Join our national allies for a national day of action to demand Congress pass COVID relief immediately. Congress must move quickly to pass legislation that will address the increasingly urgent needs of people and families who are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Call your Senator and urge them to pass a meaningful COVID relief package!
Call twice to reach both of your Senators.

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