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Restore Diplomacy with Iran! Contact your members of Congress today!
After withdrawing the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the previous administration increased sanctions and waged a maximum pressure campaign against Iran.  The sanctions have done little to move the United States and Iran towards the goal of non-proliferation.  And, according to Human Rights Watch, the increased sanctions seriously affected Iranians’ access to essential medicine, threatening the health of millions.

The maximum pressure policy increased tensions between the two countries to a dangerous level, shortened Iran’s “breakout time” to build nuclear weapons, and caused Iranian civilians to suffer needlessly. 

At several points in recent years, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has lifted up the value of reduced tensions and open dialogue with Iran. The 2018 General Assembly urged the government of the United States to reconsider its unilateral withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal. And, it affirmed the value of respectful understanding and reducing tensions between the United States government and 82 million people of Iran. A recent ecumenical letter stated, “Our faith communities see the futility of war and its power to dehumanize. We know that human flourishing entails breaking cycles of violence, being courageous peacemakers, and focusing on the root causes of conflict.”

President Biden has made clear that he intends to support a pathway toward peace and relief for the Iranian people by rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal- if Iran returns to strict compliance. But the agreement will face staunch opposition and many obstacles in Congress. Hardliners on both sides want this deal to fail.

Congress needs to stand with the Biden Administration and its efforts to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal. Tell your members of Congress to support a clean re-entry into the Iran Nuclear Deal. Stand up for nuclear non-proliferation and a safer world!

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