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Tell Congress: Heal Not Harm, End Title 42!
The sacred texts and traditions of our faith seek and promote healing and wholeness, and call us to do everything possible to reduce suffering and harm.  Yet despite our faith values, our current U.S. asylum policies have turned away from healing, and instead are compounding traumas. 

Did you know that the pandemic is still being used as justification for refusing, detaining, and expelling asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border?

Instituted first by the Trump Administration in 2020 at the U.S.- Mexico border, Title 42 itself has sowed chaos at the border and has resulted in over 1.7 million expulsions of asylum seekers back to harm. Many migrants have faced violence and even lost their lives due to this policy, with Black asylum-seekers—especially Haitians—being particularly vulnerable.

Right now, anti-immigrant politicians are working to ensure that Title 42 continues to control migration and restrict asylum by pushing amendments supporting the policy through Congress. As people of faith and conscience, this is a vital time to let our leaders know that we reject these amendments and all legislation that would codify Title 42 into law.

We must raise our voices to condemn anti-asylum policies and the trauma they inflict and urge the government to invest in humanely welcoming migrants and asylum seekers.  Contact your members of congress and the administration today!

For more background information, watch this webinar from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition.

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