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Grow Religious Liberty In South Carolina!

Slowly but surely, your religious liberty is being chipped away.

As society gradually becomes more secular, Christians expressions of faith are being crowded out of view -- in schools, in government, in business. Unfortunately, South Carolina is no exception. Time after time, those who wish to see Christians influence removed from the Palmetto State have challenged our Constitutional right to practice faith in the public square. Each time, Palmetto Family and its allies have fought back and won. 

This fight, however, gets more difficult every year. It's time that all South Carolinians with Judeo-Christian values join together and stand up for their faith. Our religious liberty depends on it.

Sign this petition today to tell South Carolina's lawmakers and your fellow South Carolinians that you believe religious freedom should grow not die!
Petition Text
As a believer in South Carolina, I believe that religious liberty in our state should be protected. Not only that, I want to see expressions of faith in public expanded.

Our Constitution guarantees my right to practice my faith in public. That means in schools, in government, in business and in every other area of life. South Carolina should be doing all it can to protect religious liberty from outside groups who try to diminish religion's influence.

It's time that South Carolina's lawmakers and every South Carolinian do everything they can to defend and grow religious liberty in the Palmetto State. I'm signing this petition now to join the fight!

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