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Provide A Good Education To Every Child In South Carolina

For decades, South Carolina has lagged behind almost every state in education. There is no reason for this to continue!

Though victories have been far and few, momentum is finally building to provide every student in South Carolina the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. With Palmetto Family on the front lines of this movement, we've expanded programs that help special needs students, increased home schooling freedom and kept the bible in our public schools. These victories are a good start, but we need help from South Carolinians like you to accomplish more. Our children's future success depends on it.

Please sign this petition today to tell South Carolina lawmakers and your fellow South Carolina citizens that we must act now to give all children in South Carolina the high-quality education they need to succeed!
Petition Text
I believe every child in South Carolina should be provided access to a high-quality education.

For far too long, the Palmetto State has failed to make progress and, in doing so, has fallen farther and farther behind almost every state in education achievement. This must change if we are to give South Carolina's future generations the opportunity to succeed. The time to act is now!

I'm signing this petition today to support the effort to fix our failing education system. It's time our lawmakers and every South Carolinian got on board!


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