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Stop Gambling In South Carolina

Gambling promises hope, excitement and reward to all who will give in to its lure. However, we know that gambling only provides the opposite -- difficulty, addiction and hopelessness.

For over 20 years, Palmetto Family has fought off attempts to grow the gambling business in the Palmetto State. We've ended video poker and we've stood up to casinos, but we need your help to keep South Carolina away from the ever-looming organized gambling scheme. 

In fact, just recently a legislator filed a bill to fund roads and bridges through gambling casinos.

Sign this petition now to tell South Carolina lawmakers and your fellow South Carolina citizens that expanded gambling is not right for our state!
Petition Text
I believe South Carolina should do everything it can to stop the expansion of gambling in our state.

Though it promises so much, gambling always takes more than it gives. Gambling adversely affects South Carolina's families, so why would we expand this predatory business? We must do all we can to protect our citizens and families.

I'm signing this petition today because I understand that gambling should be stopped in its tracks. South Carolina must say "no" to gambling!


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