Ask NYS Government to Extend Shared Work Program Past 26 Weeks

Like the New York State Shared Work Program?
Weigh in with New York State Government to ask for Extension Past 26 Weeks!
Business has been tough this year, to say the least! One of the programs that is helping New York State employers is the Shared Work Program.
If you haven’t been using it, the Shared Work Program provides an alternative to laying off workers by allowing them to work a reduced work schedule and collect partial unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks.  Shared Work provides a benefit to both employers and their employees.
Here is a link for more information on Shared Work:

Shared Work should coordinate with unemployment extension programs
Only the first 26 weeks of reduced work hours can be covered by Shared Work, even though currently there are potentially another 33 weeks of unemployment benefits, through two separate programs, for those who have not been recalled to their jobs. These employees are forced off Shared Work and are required to apply for traditional unemployment, resulting in a potentially lost employee for the company and possible lost benefits/job for the employee.
These are the current unemployment extension programs:

  • The Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation Program (PUEC)
  • The Extended Benefits Program (EB)
PUEC was established through the federal CARES Act and the EB is a NYS program which is triggered once the state reaches a certain level of unemployment.
Potentially, an employee may qualify for up to 59 weeks of benefits, as follows:
  • Standard Unemployment – 26 weeks
  • PUEC – 13 weeks
  • EB (up to) 20 weeks

Please take a minute to tell NYS government that Shared Work needs to work in concert with PUEC and EB. It’s for everyone’s benefit!
A sample letter has been prepared for your use.

Thanks for your support of this issue!

Tim Freeman, President
Printing Industries Alliance
Office: (716) 691-3211
Cell: (716) 983-3826

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