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Contact your Legislator to Express your Opposition to HB 47 and SB 308: Bills to Legalize Assisted Suicide
At a time when New Mexico is reeling from the effect of a world-wide pandemic, members of the Legislature are considering legalizing the inherently discriminatory practice of assisted suicide, risking patients’ deaths through mistakes, coercion and abuse.

Assisted suicide is not safe or responsible.
  •    New Mexico residents are already unable to get the standard of care due to COVID outbreaks, and are making sacrifices to save any lives possible.
  •    Assisted suicide perpetuates unequal access to care, and will add to Latino and Native Tribes’ struggle for the standard of care. 
  •    The legalization of assisted suicide has resulted in insurance companies denying life-preserving treatment to patients in Oregon.
  •    The legalization of assisted suicide has resulted in deadly financial abuse.
  •    One in ten persons over 60 suffer from abuse, and not every New Mexico resident has a loving family.
  •    The legalization of assisted suicide, is not and has never been the answer for better end-of-life care.
Urge your legislator to REJECT HB 47 and SB 308, bills to legalize assisted suicide.
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