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Urge Congress to fund high-quality sex ed and contraceptive care for young people

Dear Friend,  

We need your voice to urge Congress to fund the high-quality sex ed and contraceptive care young people need to live their best lives!  

Congress has until December 3rd to work out a spending deal for the rest of the federal government’s fiscal year after passing a short-term spending bill that continues funding federal programs at current levels. Now is the time to urge your Senators and Representative in the House to provide robust funding for programs that give our young people the ability to live healthy lives and achieve their goals; programs like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program and the Title X (Title X) Family Planning Program. The urgency of this need has only increased during the pandemic.

Please contact your members of Congress today. They need to hear from constituents like you about the value of these programs and the need to increase their annual funding.   

  • Increasing funding for the TPP Program will ensure this evidence-based program, recognized by a wide range of bi-partisan experts, can continue to generate high-quality research about how to meet the needs of young people—especially among those who face the greatest disparities.
  • Increasing funding for Title X will ensure that Title X-funded clinics can continue to offer high-quality contraceptive services, preventive screenings, and health education to low-income people, people lacking health insurance, young people, and more—as they have done for the last 50 years

Can we count on you to contact your members of Congress today—just a minute of your time is all it takes!  

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