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Tell Congress to Level the #BigTech Playing Field!

A few companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon control a huge portion of the internet and the technology we use every day. This stifles competition and limits consumer choice.

Congress is currently considering two bipartisan bills that would rein in gatekeeper power and give internet users more control over the products and services they use:

  • The American Innovation and Choice Online Act would end anticompetitive discrimination on Big Tech platforms and ban self-preferencing, which companies use to protect their gatekeeper power.
  • The Open App Markets Act would end Google and Apple’s anti-competitive behaviors within their app stores and halt their chokehold on mobile applications, giving consumers more control over their phones. 

For too long, Big Tech has been able to use their gatekeeper power to maintain their digital domination and to prevent potential competitors from gaining market share. These bills will work to level the playing field and to improve competition. Tell Congress to pass the American Innovation & Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act. This town hall toolkit can help.

Learn more about how this bill could help in John Oliver's Last Week Tonight episode on Tech Monopolies:

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