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Tell Congress: The JCPA Will Hurt the News That Matters Most
Congress is considering passing a bill, the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, that fails to actually preserve journalism or competition. Instead, it would reward large media outlets with the ability to collude, lead to greater consolidation at the expense of smaller local publishers, and disrupt how we use the internet.   

The JCPA is likely to hurt our access to local, credible, independent news because it will lead to more consolidation in the industry, and create a news media cartel where news giants dominate negotiations, and small outlets with diverse or dissenting voices disappear. 

But that’s not all: This bill would also prevent internet users from freely linking to or sharing news articles on digital platforms and websites. It would give large news entities a right to charge platforms for linking, something that is not only free today, but is fundamental to the internet’s core. The JCPA would ultimately limit our access to credible news and information online. 

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act represents a major failure to honestly address the needs of local communities that are becoming news deserts. There are powerful alternatives that could help fix the journalism crisis, but the JCPA is not one of them. Join us in telling Congress to protect both an open internet and local journalism by opposing the JCPA, and to support public interest solutions that benefit a diverse journalism ecosystem, not just the biggest players. 

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