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Stop the Sanctuary State Bill

While ignoring waste, fraud and abuse across the state, liberals have continually sought to pass legislation that ignores the needs of the taxpayers and instead provides ever increasing benefits to those who are here illegally. 

As the committee deadline nears on Beacon Hill, there's an increased push by the left for the "Safe Communities Act." This bill (HB 3269 and SB 1305) seeks to protect criminal illegal aliens by making Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Sanctuary jurisdictions:

• Tie the hands of Law Enforcement
• Make MA a Safe Haven for deportable criminals
• Jeapordize Federal Funds for our state
• Make our Communities Less Safe
• Increase the Financial Impact illegal residents have on our state services

We welcome legal immigrants and recognize that most non-citizens are not criminals.  Nevertheless, it is reckless to enact a sanctuary policy that prevents cooperation between law enforcement agencies that would result in the release of deportable criminals who should instead be sent home.  This bill not only will jeopardize the safety of all residents, it also violates federal law and will result in the loss of crucial federal funding.

A positive sounding nickname cannot shield this bill from what it really is, an usurpation of power from local and state law enforcement officials.  Taking away the ability to hold criminal illegal aliens and turn them over to federal authorities only makes our communities and law abiding citizens within them less safe. 

We need each person on this email list to tell their legislators: Let's stop using government to promote a radical liberal agenda and instead focus on the protecting the hard working families and taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

Please email your representative and senator TODAY to tell them to oppose the Safe Communities Act, and ask them to get to work on the issues that we care about, instead of tying the hands of law enforcement officials and jeopardizing the safety of our communities.

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