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Support Rep. McKenna's Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

            Reps.  Joe McKenna (R - Webster) and Dave DeCoste (R - Norwell) have picked up where former Rep. Jim Lyons left off and filed legislation again this session to defund Planned Parenthood. One piece of legislation would prohibit any state funds from going to any nonprofit that violates Massachusetts law that prohibits the sale of baby body parts--ie Planned Parenthood. The second piece of legislation specifically enumerates that no funding would go to Planned Parenthood by name.

            While conservatives in Congress and in state capitals across our nation fight to take dollars away from Planned Parenthood, we also need to let legislators know they can act to take away their local state dollars as well, by asking them to support Rep. McKenna's bill (HB 1181), which is up for a hearing before the Health Care Finance committee. During the 2016 budget debate, every Republican legislator in the house voted in support of defunding any organization involved in illegal organ harvesting. The additional arguments against Planned Parenthood are extensive, and its important we educate prolife activists and the general public alike about what Planned Parenthood does.

               Two years ago our executive director wrote in the New Boston Post regarding why we should defund the profit driven and politically motivated Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry. We urge you to read the piece and share it again to help advocate for Rep. McKenna's bill.

               Please help us spread the word and assist Representative McKenna by sending a quick message to ask your legislators to support his bill. Thank you!

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