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Good Cause Eviction - Tell Your State Representatives No!
For the last two years, the anti-owner State Legislature has considered a proposal known as Good Cause Eviction from State Senator Julia Salazar. The proposal would create a new system of rent controls that creates a permanent tenancy for almost every tenant in the entire State. Advocates of this bill believe this proposal is the ultimate source of protection for existing tenants throughout the State. However, tenants have always been protected from eviction without good cause determined by the courts. Furthermore, this bill would make housing scarcer and would disincentivize the creation of new, affordable housing because private financing entities may look to other, less regulated markets than New York in which to build new rental housing.

If this bill becomes law, a property owner would be required to renew a tenant’s lease and would be limited to minimal rent increases set by the government when the lease expires. This would re-regulate all decontrolled units and regulate any non-regulated units. It would, in all essence, provide a tenant with a life tenancy, allowing them to rent an apartment or home until they die or determine that they don’t want to continue to lease the property. By limiting rent increases, property owners will not be able to keep up with property maintenance. This would lead to a decrease in the value of properties of all sizes, which would lead to a decrease in property tax revenue. RSA has provided a thorough memo that details all of the negative implications of the proposed Good Cause Eviction bill. 

RSA and other industry-wide partners have launched a robust advocacy campaign to thwart this proposal, but it is absolutely vital that building owners play a pivotal role in ensuring that this legislation does not receive enough support to pass. Contact both your Assembly and Senate representatives and explain to them how harmful Good Cause eviction would be, not only to all housing throughout the State, but to the very tenants that they are trying to protect.

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