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Criminal Background Check Bill Gets a Hearing Date
Despite an overwhelming effort last year by RSA, property owners, and your tenants to stop the controversial City Council bill that would have prohibited criminal background checks on prospective tenants, the City Council has once again made this legislation a major priority this fall.

Council Member Keith Powers has introduced Intro. 632, which would prohibit property owners and managers from performing criminal background checks in rentals, leases, subleases, or occupancy agreements in New York City. The legislation would have had a serious negative impact on rental properties and on the safety of tenants who already live in your building(s). A hearing on the legislation has now been scheduled for Thursday, December 8th. Because the City Council now includes over 30 new members who took office in January, Council leadership believes that they have a path to passing the legislation with new, overwhelming support for the bill. 

It is incumbent upon property owners and tenants to once again reach out to their local Council Member, especially if they were recently elected, and put the same pressure on them to not support the bill. RSA URGES you to use this dedicated VoterVoice campaign that allows you to send messages directly to your City Council representative. If you are a constituent of Council Member Keith Powers, it is particularly important that you message him to voice your opposition. You are also encouraged to send messages to Council Speaker Adrienne Adams. You can also share this link with fellow building owners and tenants for them to utilize as well. Additionally, if you know the phone number of your Council Member's district office, you should also call them ASAP. Click here to locate your Council Member and their district office information. 

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