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Child care is in crisis and we need your help!

Tell Lawmakers: Make Child Care a Priority  

Without deeper investments, families will continue to lose access, and the economy will continue to spiral 


A significant increase in the ongoing state investment in child care for:

  • Purchase of Care: This state subsidy that supports child care is under-funded. At least $40 million more in sustained state dollars would help cover basic needs and increased costs. . The $40 million figure is intended to increase Delaware purchase of care rates to the federal benchmark and will be used to help meet the new minimum wage requirements which will have a direct positive impact on the childcare workforce. The dollar amount was determined in collaboration between advocates, childcare providers, and the Department of Health and Social Services data.


In his annual budget presentation in January of this year, Governor John Carney recommended a potential investment that legislators must increase and make permanent to ensure families have access to child care.  

  • The FY23 Governor’s Recommended Budget (GRB) includes $11.5 million for child care subsidy in only one-time contingency funds. We thank the governor for giving the legislature a foundation to build on.
  • This recommendation represents 30% of what’s needed to keep up with basic costs 

We look forward to working with the Joint Finance Committee to ensure child care funding is permanent and ongoing, not one-time and contingent, and is increased to cover the needs of families and child care providers. 


Please email the Joint Finance Committee now to tell them to invest in FY23: 

  • State sustainable funding in Purchase of Care - at least $40 million more to reach the market rate benchmark of 75th percentile

The Joint Finance Committee of the state legislature meets in February to hold budget hearings so now is the time to tell the legislators that our teachers, families and children deserve better - they deserve real investments and real solutions. 

This campaign is a joint partnership with First State Pre-K, deaeyc, Rodel and the Delaware Readiness Teams. Draft messaging is provided here that you can personalize and share by email, phone or text. 

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