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Voting Count Scandal Petition

Call to ALL Texas American Patriots !

It is time for patriots to stand up immediately. Our republic is being stolen in plain sight.


Sign this petition to email your US Senators and Governor to act now.

Call your federal elected officials to voice your concerns about the fraud being perpetrated on the nation by:
— socialists & progressives,
— biased media, and
— the bureaucracies (deep state) in each of these states.

Senator Ted Cruz - 202-224-5922
Senator John Cornyn - 202-224-2934

Federal elected officials must be on notice that
(1) we will not accept anything short of an honest and fair election, and
(2) they should fight along side and in solidarity with the President for justice

Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are being stolen.

Their is an open & concerted attempt and effort to:
— steal this election,
— undermine the electoral process, and
— destroy the integrity of one person, one vote.

A vote is the most precious civic duty ‘We the People’ can exercise.

Progressive and other domestic threats are trying to systematically and institutionally destroy and undermine our Constitutional Republic and we cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen!

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