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THC Policy Recommendations for State Legislatures

Lawmakers in states with any legal form of THC, including medical marijuana, commercial marijuana, or THC derived from hemp should support and create a strong regulatory framework around marijuana and THC that protects the vulnerable and puts health and safety above industry profit. 

Please encourage your legislators to support policies like the following:

  • Prohibit commercial sales, advertising, and production of marijuana and all forms of THC.
  • Ban the sale of all hemp-derived THC, such as Delta-8, Delta-0, and Delta-9 THC.
  • Immediately prioritize prevention education, especially in school-age children and other vulnerable populations, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Enact strict potency caps for marijuana, THC, and hemp-derived THC products.
  • Prohibit advertisements aimed at young people, including advertisements on social media, print media, billboards, TV, radio, podcasts, and other digital media. 
  • Mandate clear warning labels for all THC products. 
  • Enact strict ethics guidelines for members of governing and regulatory bodies.
    • No financial ties to the marijuana industry during or after service.
    • Clear ethics standards preventing post-regulatory industry employment.
    • Potential ban on industry work for government employees, legislators, and regulators, with a 3-5 year cooling-off period or communication restrictions.
  • Implement mandatory reporting for public health data, including drugged driving, poison control calls related to THC, hospitalizations and ER visits linked to marijuana, marijuana-induced psychosis, potency trends, environmental effects, worker THC testing rates, and impacts on children and youth. 
  • Enable municipalities to opt out of sales and consumption sites at any time: enact policies that preserve their ability to keep these drugs out of their communities.
  • Prohibit sales gimmicks aimed at getting new customers or encouraging customers to try more potent products. For example, buy one get one free and free samples.
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