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By signing this petition, you join other concerned Americans who want to SAVE OUR SHIPS. 

A strong U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Ready Reserve Fleet are a defense priority and a strong shipyard industrial base is a vital national asset. The key to our naval security - and to the economic health of the thousands of companies associated with ship construction and repair - is a stable and affordable shipbuilding and ship repair plan that promotes a healthy industrial base.

“We understand the pressing need for the nation to get its fiscal house in order. DOD should do its part, but it is imperative we do so in a coherent ad thoughtful manner to ensure appropriate readiness, warfighting capability, and forward presence – the attributes we depend upon from our Navy.” - Admiral Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations (House Armed Services Committee Hearing, Sept. 18, 2013)
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Mandatory, indiscriminant sequestration cuts and continued budget uncertainty threaten to undermine our national and economic security. We support those members of Congress and military leaders who have been on the front line to end the harmful effects of sequestration and budget uncertainty. Congress and the Administration must act now to equip, ready and maintain the vital Navy and Coast Guard assets we currently have and build the vital naval assets we will need in our future. 

I join with my fellow Americans in requesting Congress and the Administration act now in support of our naval fleets. 

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