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Tell Your Elected Officials to Cosponsor the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers Act of 2022
Tell your Congressional representatives to cosponsor H.R. 8855/S. 4866, the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers Act of 2022. This bill would address the unmet needs of patients with SCD, sickle cell trait, and other heritable hemoglobinopathies through the establishment of and funding for a nationwide system of treatment centers and support for provider and patient training and education resources.

Despite the need for consistent and coordinated treatment, few patients with SCD have access to multidisciplinary care teams. Many health care providers lack the knowledge and resources to address patients’ unique health challenges throughout their lives. In addition, many Americans who may have sickle cell trait do not know they have it or do not have access to counseling and, as a result, may not receive the care they need to respond to these potential complications. Yet, funding for education and treatment for SCD and sickle cell trait is extremely limited compared to that for other disabling chronic diseases.

The Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers Act of 2022 establishes a nationwide network of more than 120 Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers based on a hub-and-spoke framework and provides support for 100 community-based organizations, creates a National/Regional Coordinating Center to coordinate the National Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Center Program, and authorizes appropriations of $535,000,000 annually to address the issue. 

Click here to view the Treatment Centers Act of 2022 FAQs. 

Click here to view the Treatment Centers Act of 2022 Fact Sheet. 

Click here to view a sample Congressional Letter for the Treatment Centers Act of 2022. 

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